This page offers a sampling of some of our work.

Historic Resolute Desk

Carrison's Restorations was retained to work on a $40K replica of the historic Resolute Desk. The solid mahogany replica of the desk used by President Obama in the Oval Office of the White House over 6 administrations. The original was given to President Rutherford Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880 and has been in nearly continuous use in the White House to this day.

The desk worked on by Carrison's currently sits in the George Bush Memorial Library in Houston.

1852 replaca Resolute DeskHistoric Resolute DeskCarving detail historyResolute Desk Replica

repaired chair leg furniture repair storefront Carrisons mirror restored

chair restore Carrisons restorations mike wall table restoration

Carrisons Podium Carrisons tool desk

Carrisons chair repair

rocking horse before rocking horse after

carved rose in memorandum cross hand carved trunk

Furniture Refinishing trunk in process of being repaired
carved chest spindle

wash basin white desk