Furniture Repair

Carrisons chair repair

The key to quality furniture repair are invisibility and durability. Repairs are virtually seamless; no job should compromise a piece's integrity or current value. Each repair is done so that the area that failed will not fail again under normal use.

We treat all types of wood using the best and most appropriate techniques. Each job receives a personal touch, renewing the beauty of the piece and adding to its durability.

trunk in process of being repaired

Some Specialties

  • Repair fire, smoke, water and pet damage
  • Re-fabricate and replace missing parts
  • Raise dents and fill gouges
  • Reinforce loose joints and re-glue
  • Seat Caning
  • Hand Carving

Is the damage due to a move? Carrison's works with many insurance companies and can provide the needed estimate to get your military move or other mover claim processed.

If you have a special piece of furniture you want handled with care and expert craftsmanship, be certain to visit Carrison's Restorations, Inc. Even if you only want part of the job done and plan to do the rest yourself; Carrison's will even help explain how to complete the part you plan to perform. If it is a single piece of furniture or production work for an entire string of kitchen cabinets, you have found the solution with Carrison's!

There comes a time when your favorite piece of furniture may need wood repair or refinishing work. Did your antique wooden desk suffer water damage? Have the children abused your dining room chairs to the point where the spindle backs are all detached from the seats? Has the dog use the intricately carved wooden leg as a scratching post? Does your favorite old coffee table have ring stains where a coaster wasn’t used? No matter what has happened to your favorite piece of furniture, wood repair is something we have been doing beautifully for over three decades.

Furniture Restoration

rocking horse beforerocking horse after
Rocking Horse BeforeRocking Horse After

Restoring furniture has been a labor of love as long as we have been in business. We love antiques, but we also understand that, old or new, modern or antique, a person's furniture is a part of the person. Restoration does not always mean making an old piece of furniture look new. Sometimes restoration means making the piece look the way it did right before the latest damage occurred. Mom wants to remember every mark on her son's high chair except the broken leg the movers caused, so we strive to repair the break and preserve the history of her child's chair.

Restoration Philosophy

The motivation behind Carrison's restoration work is to respect and preserve as much of the original piece as possible. Regardless of the specific repair needs, each piece receives the same basic hands-on process, including:

wall table restoration

A properly processed restoration can enhance the value and appearance of most any piece of furniture. If you are considering getting wood furniture repair work, call Carrison's Restoration today.

Angie's List Customer Review

Description of work:

"We used Carrison's Restorations Inc. four years ago to repair a cedar chest which I got as an engagement present from my husband's mother in 1930. It was all black and I had a steam iron on it and had perched it and then ironed it. The wood was in good shape but the finishing was not good. We wanted to give that to our son's fiancée when they were getting engaged. It was a beautiful furniture but it looked horrible. We sent that to Carrison and also a wood locker. They tightened all the loose joints and made it strong. It came back great. The chest looks beautiful and it does not have the iron rot."

"We were very pleased with him. They delivered right when they said they would. I think they did a great job. Now they have an antique chest from which a leg came off and it had got uneven. They have a window chair that wanted to be tightened. They know what they are doing and they are very nice people. They are very pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend them. They are not cheap but I think they are fair."