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With decades of experience in wood restoration and refinishing, Carrison's wood refinishing has the solution when it comes to taking care of your wooden furniture items. From fixing your damaged furniture to fully refinishing them, we will help you to save your money and keep your beloved furniture.

Our skillful craftsmen are devoted to offer the highest quality treatment your furniture deserves. Given our priority is to provide you with full satisfaction, we use superior products and great technique to fix and restore your furniture, antiques, kitchen cabinets, banisters, front doors, and more to like new condition.

Refinishing is an ideal solution when the existing finish is damaged or a new look or color is desired. Carrison's does not dip furniture to strip away the old finish. Here furniture is hand stripped or a flow-over tank is used. This method ensures joints are not dried out and there is no disfiguration of the wood from sitting in lye.

Furniture Refinishing
  • Old finish removed by hand
  • Stained and color toned for a perfect match, or as specified
  • Each layer of material hand polished for a flawless finish
  • Each finish sealed by layered coats of protective material for beauty and durability

Furniture stripping is accomplished by a hand scrape method that dates back to biblical times, yet utilizes the latest technology in steel and tungsten carbide scrapers. Staining is applied by hand wiping and often color adjusted.

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Angie's List Customer Review

Description of work:

Restored a bedroom set. This involved re-finishing, practically re-building one piece, adding new marble tops to dresser and commode, and widening the piece to allow use of a full-sized mattress.

"Excellent work! I have used these guys before and they still greatly exceeded my expectations. All pieces were walnut and they stripped down and added a finish that got me to see the beautiful grain for the first time I can remember. They also did a magnificent job of rebuilding the commode, which was basically just a collection of pieces and kind of pathetic. Now it's gorgeous. But the most interesting thing they did was add new marble tops to the dresser and commode. They noted that these probably had this many years ago, but the pieces were lost along the way. So I agreed to this improvement and told them a certain color marble to use. Instead they suggested a different color, which you might think was a problem for me. NOT AT ALL! Their choice was FAR better and quite beautiful. It is an indicator of how artistic they are in their approach to restoration, making pieces better than you can imagine. Thanks to them, several antiques that have been in my family for generations are now outstanding looking by any reasonable measure. Also, the widening of the bed was well handled."

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