Antique Furniture Repair & Refinishing & Restoration

repaired chair leg

We know your vintage heirlooms are precious to you. We understand you may be hesitant getting any repair or restoration done for fear of the end result. Certainly for the untrained, this is a rightful concern. Rest assured, you your vintage restoration will be in skilled hands with Carrison's Restorations. Surface restoration & preservation is part of what we do every day. We fabricate broken parts or missing spindles, repair seat caning and hand wipe color adjustments.

Whether a collector or owner of a time valued piece of antique furniture held in the family, we know your piece not only carries historic but sentimental value as well. Just because the piece of furniture is antique doesn't mean it has to look worn, old and even broken. By hiring a highly qualified antique furniture restoration company, you can keep the stories as well as the value of your most prized pieces.

Antique furniture restoration requires significant experience and detailed work. This is not something you drop off on Monday and pick up Friday. It can take several weeks to properly restore a piece of furniture to previous glory. When selecting a company to handle your heirlooms, the most important thing to consider is experience with the type of furniture you have. You want a company like Carrison's with a solid long term reputation for quality workmanship.

Whether a family heirloom or a find from an antique shop, you will be glad you put your trust in Carrison's to restore your antique furniture.

Upholstery work done with overall restoration. We do not just do upholstery.

  • Hand Carving
  • Lacquer Finishing
  • Staining
  • Fabrication

Furniture can be stained and color toned to match as close as possible or as specified by the client. We work each layer by hand for a superior finish.

What Our Customers Are Saying on Angie's List:

"They did an excellent job!! This was a set given to my mother in the late 40's and has been in constant use since. They stripped the traditional maple finish and used a fabulous brown stain that really highlighted the wood grain. They had to repair a number of pieces and all look fantastic.

We will use them again for several other family pieces that are showing their age."